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7/24/2019 9:41:38The NibReported Comic$800.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 10:42:17macmillanAdvance for Graphic Novel$50,000.00NoYescontract negotiation took several months, so it was delayed
7/25/2019 10:42:46McSweeney'sBook Cover with Interiors$2,500.00YesYesNo
7/25/2019 10:44:05Little White Lies (for the Phone App)Editorial- Web spot$50.00YesYesIt took two years!
7/25/2019 10:44:49Lucky Peach MagazineEditorial- Print Quarter$400.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:45:20AirBnB c/o Lucky Peach/McSweeney'sEditorial- Print Quarter$800.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:46:51Boom! ComicsAlternate Comic Cover for Bravest Warriors$250.00YesYesI was paid on time but I know the guy who works in their accounting department. I've heard being paid on time is VERY unusual for Boom.
7/25/2019 10:53:51Penguin Random House Canada (Tundra)Advance for Picture Book$6,000.00NoYesNo
7/25/2019 10:55:31Barbour BooksBook chapter heading spots (4)$300.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:56:51Orbit BooksBook Cover with Interiors$9,000.00NoYesNo
7/25/2019 10:57:35Medium (Zora)Editorial- Web header$700.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:58:33Orca BooksBook Cover$1,500.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 10:59:11Penguin Random House Canada (Tundra)Book Cover$1,500.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 10:59:21Refinery29Editorial- Web header$500.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:59:38Refinery29 UKEditorial- Web header$135.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 10:59:46WNYCEditorial- Web header$250.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 11:16:53EaterEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,400.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 11:18:34BloombergEditorial - Web Header and spots$4,200.00YesYesA portion of this job was commissioned by another team but for the same project. The editorial team paid me right away but this other team is taking foreverrrrr. I've followed up twice now. It's been about 2 months.
7/25/2019 11:29:48The nibReported Comic$1,500.00Yes **NO** The Nib does not use Work for Hire Contracts- edited & checked on by Litebox YesNo invoices are submitted, payment is automatically sent on the 5th of the following month
7/25/2019 11:48:33Marvel ComicsMainstream Comics$275.00YesYesYes
7/25/2019 11:49:54Empire DesignIn House Production Art - Day Rate$400.00YesPayment has been processed but I have not received it yet.No
7/25/2019 11:51:11TKO ProductionsMainstream Comics$300.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 12:16:45The NibEditorial Comic$600.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 12:17:41Lion ForgeAdvance for Graphic Novel$8,000.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 13:21:09Serious EatsEditorial - Web Header and spots$450.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 14:11:28Penguin Random HouseBook Cover - Front & Back$3,250.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 14:12:21The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$600.00NoYesYes
7/25/2019 14:14:05The New YorkerEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,200.00NoYesYes2015
7/25/2019 14:15:04The New York TimesEditorial- Print Quarter$300.00NoYesYes2015
7/25/2019 14:18:25Little Bee BooksBook Cover$1,500.00NoYesYes2018Great AD
7/25/2019 14:18:56Rolling Stone MagazineEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,500.00NoYesYes2015
7/25/2019 14:19:50Rolling Stone MagazineEditorial- Print Whole Page$2,000.00NoYesYes2016
7/25/2019 14:20:41VICEEditorial - 3 Web Spots$200.00NoYesI don't remember.2013
7/25/2019 14:21:13VICEEditorial- Web header$200.00NoYesI don't remember.2015
7/25/2019 14:22:49New York PostEditorial- Print Whole Page$750.00NoYesYes2015
7/25/2019 14:25:01Ad agency based in CanadaProduct - Wine Label$1,450.00NoYesI don't remember.2015
7/25/2019 14:25:52Village VoiceEditorial- Print Half Page$800.00NoYesYes2017
7/25/2019 14:26:28New York PostEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,200.00YesYes2017
7/25/2019 14:28:04The AtlanticEditorial- Web spot$1,000.00NoYesYes2017
7/25/2019 14:28:29The BafflerEditorial- Web spot$250.00NoYesYes2017
7/25/2019 14:30:42Ad agency based in NYCIn House Production Art - Day Rate$1,800.00YesYesYes2017
7/25/2019 14:33:13Glamour Magazine - Conde NastEditorial - Print (2/3 Page + 1/4 Page)$1,250.00NoYesYes2018This project was killed after completion but I was paid 100% of the agreed upon fee.
7/25/2019 14:34:31SlackEditorial- Web spot$3,200.00NoYesYes2018
7/25/2019 14:35:16Reader's Digest (US)Editorial- Print Quarter$350.00NoYesNo2018
7/25/2019 14:37:26The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$500.00NoYesYes2014
7/25/2019 16:24:42Inside Intercom BlogEditorial- Web header$600.00NoYesYes2019Great client!
7/25/2019 18:55:42Dark HorseIllustrations for coloring book for a popular franchise$200.00YesYesYes2018The editor was nice! Everything had to be double checked with the franchise's parent company, which led to frustrating revisions, but the Dark Horse folks were patient and helpful.
7/25/2019 18:57:00Alqonquin Young ReadersAdvance for Graphic Novel$12,000.00YesYesYes2017
7/25/2019 18:58:39Astrolago PressEditorial- Print Spot$150.00YesYesYes2019This was for a Kickstarted project, so although I would have liked to be paid more I understand that they had a limited budget!
7/25/2019 21:24:32ThrillestEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,500.00NoYesYes2019It was a fun subject, so i didn't mind that the fee was not as high as i'd have liked
7/25/2019 21:29:04BloombergEditorial- Print Whole Page$2,000.00NoYesYes201830% went to agent--my fee was 1400
7/25/2019 21:31:11T Brand4 large illustrations for web article--3 of the 4 were animated$12,000.00NoYesYes201930% went to my agent--I got 8400.
7/25/2019 21:32:33Simon & Schustersketch concept for a book cover, project was cancelled$435.00NoYesYes2019
7/25/2019 21:34:39Penguin-Random HouseBook Cover$2,100.00NoYesYes2019The cover was a full color wrap-around, a ton of work. I was also paid an extra 1050 to completely re-do the cover art after the final went through marketing and the original design was scrapped.
7/25/2019 21:38:35ValveA series of 4 animated banners, plus 1 webpage background and 9 icons$9,150.00NoYesYes201930% went to my agent, so i only got $6,405 total. It was a fun kind of job, but the total fee (that I got) was low for the amount of work I put into the finals.
7/29/2019 11:30:31MIT tech review Editorial- Print Spot$200.00NoYesunsure2015I generally liked working with MIT tech
7/29/2019 11:32:40Businessweek Editorial- Print Spot$500.00NoYesYes2015Businessweek always had good rates($500 for a SPOT! and they would pay extra for rush jobs upfront!) and paid on time, the only issue was their invoicing system was/is a nightmare to use
7/29/2019 11:35:04The New York TimesEditorial- Print Quarter$500.00unsureYesYes2015
7/29/2019 11:35:48mit tech Editorial- Print Quarter$250.00NoYesnot sure2015
7/29/2019 11:40:42The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$250.00YesYesNo2015
7/29/2019 11:42:07The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$250.00YesYesYes2015For the New Yorker it looks like they always took the FULL 30 days to pay people.
7/29/2019 11:43:17PlansponsorEditorial- Print Whole Page$805.00NoYesYes2015
7/29/2019 11:46:15Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial Comic$4,500.00YesYes2015Bloomberg businessweek paying my rent!!!!!!!!! this was a huge three page comic assignment
7/29/2019 11:51:05The New YorkerEditorial- Web header$250.00YesYesYes20015oh yeah stuff priced at $250 was always for web, sorry, i definitely labeled some as just "editorial", their web illos were always $250!!!
7/29/2019 11:52:08Cartoon NetworkThis was a DESIGN SKETCH for an episode title page, that was then painted and finished by someone else. $100.00YesYes2015
7/29/2019 15:26:58Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Web header$500.00YesYesYes2019Team is good and very chill to work with.
7/29/2019 15:28:09Bloomberg BusinessweekWeb Header - Animated$600.00YesYesYes2019Was nice of team to offer extra money for animation.
7/29/2019 15:30:49Bloomberg BusinessweekPrint - Multi Spot (6 Spots) Half-Page Opener$1,200.00YesYesYes2018
7/29/2019 15:32:48Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Half Page$1,000.00YesYesYes2017Very easy to work with -- usually their schedule is assign Thursday/Friday, Delivery on following Tuesday.
7/29/2019 15:34:27New York Times (Styles)Editorial- Web header$350.00YesYesYes2018Was paid on-time through their payment portal, which was kind of annoying but mostly because it was a nebulous series of grey windows I couldn't figure out. I got it all solved, but was still a bit stressful...
7/29/2019 15:36:50Dance Club in GreenpointPoster$500.00NoKind of, but late... I had to circle back once or twice, but I was sent a checkNo2018I was warned beforehand they would not pay great from a few people who worked there, but it was seen as a cool job so I took it. I basically didn't have to do any edits and delivered a final first round. Kind of a toss-up on this one.
7/29/2019 15:39:09The Creative IndependentEditorial - Web Header and spots$350.00YesYesYes2018Was relatively low-key job, but think it could have been atleast $500 for the header +5 spots. To compensate for the low rate I just did really simple work, which in retrospect I don't really like anymore -- but I try to be realistic with the amount of work I can do for certain rates. But I have not been hired by them again, maybe in part to the simplicity of my work. Or maybe because of their publishing model. It's hard to be sure! I'm sure other freelancers can relate to this anxiety.
7/29/2019 15:42:15an Independent Artist NewspaperEditorial- Print Magazine Cover$500.00NoYes2018It was for an independently-run newspaper and done on a very low-key basis, so $500 felt pretty fair as a rate.
7/29/2019 15:45:42Spike Art MagazineEditorial - Print half page and spots$222.59NoYesI invoiced after their payment cycle and as a result missed a round of payment, then got in touch with someone once they were back from vacation and they sorted it out and were apologetic.2019Was recruited for 5 half-page spots by the writer, who cut his own rate for the job in half in order to give me some.
7/29/2019 15:51:04Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial - Web Header and spots$5,000.00YesYesYes2019An ongoing series I was contracted to produce art for -- There was an initial push of about 6-7 and it's slowly grown from there including a digital hero image which encompasses graphics from a bunch of the other pieces. in total It's been about 9 article headers and will probably slowly. Has occurred over about a 4-month period.
7/29/2019 15:53:07Bloomberg DigitalEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,250.00YesYesYes2018Love working with them. Amazing and chill and so totally down to push the boundaries of what you can produce for editorial/web.
7/29/2019 15:56:52Danger Collective RecordsAlbum Art$300.00NoNoYes2019Logo created for friend who art directs for a record label. Did not do the rest of the art, which ended up being a photograph.
7/30/2019 11:38:42mit techAnimated GIF$250.00NoYesYes2015gifs hard
7/30/2019 11:42:00the new york timesEditorial- Web header$300.00YesYesYes2015
7/30/2019 11:46:09the new york timesEditorial- Print Quarter$500.00NoYesYes2015The New York Times had the best client portal for invoicing
7/30/2019 11:47:24MIT techEditorial- Web header$200.00NoYesYes2015
7/30/2019 11:51:51the new yorkerEditorial- Web header$300.00YesYesNo2015They were 3 months late with payment, if i remember correctly they required me to submit a paper invoice via email AND via a digital via their dumbass client portal
7/30/2019 11:53:13Workman publishingblack and white book spot illustrations$1,200.00YesYesYes2015
7/30/2019 11:54:30The New York TimesEditorial- Print Black and white$300.00NoYesYes2015
7/30/2019 11:56:59MIT techAnimated GIF$250.00NoYesYes2015So $200 was their regular web fee, and they added a meager $50 to have it animated
7/30/2019 11:58:29The New YorkerEditorial- Print Spot$475.00YesYesYes2015Little tiny illustration for the magazine, they paid a lot more for their print stuff
7/30/2019 11:59:50DC comicsan 8 page comic for an anthology issue $3,280.00YesYesYes2015
7/31/2019 9:48:47ACC DocketEditorial- Print Magazine Cover$2,000.00NoYesYes2018
7/31/2019 9:50:16AAA-Living2 Editorial Spot Illustrations at once$3,000.00NoYesYes2018Great AD to work with
7/31/2019 9:51:13GuidepostsEditorial- Print Half Page$1,000.00NoNot yetNo2019
7/31/2019 9:51:59The GroveAnimated Email Invitation$3,000.00NoYesYes2017
7/31/2019 12:23:48Briarpatch MagazineEditorial- Print Half Page$100.00YesYesYes2019That the magazine is a reader-supported non-profit accounts for their low rates
7/31/2019 12:26:39HazlittEditorial- Web header$400.00NoYesNo2018
7/31/2019 12:27:17The NibEditorial - Print cover, interiors and spots$2,000.00Yes **NO** (Editor's note: The Nib does NOT use Work-for-hire contracts)YesYes2019
7/31/2019 12:28:52New York TimesEditorial- Print Spot$250.00YesYesYes2018
7/31/2019 12:30:26New York TimesEditorial- Web header$400.00YesYesYes2019"Times Open" web vertical
7/31/2019 12:31:26Bloomberg BusinessEditorial- Web spot$500.00YesYesYes2019
7/31/2019 12:34:15GlitchEditorial - Web Header and spots$600.00YesYesYes2018
8/1/2019 11:47:16the new york timesEditorial- Print Spot$475.00YesYes2016
8/1/2019 11:47:50Bloomberg Businessweek Editorial- Print Quarter$900.00NoYesYes2016
8/1/2019 11:48:41MIT techEditorial- Web header$200.00YesYesYes2016
8/1/2019 11:49:58The New York TimesThis was an animated gif AND printed in the newspaper $450.00YesYesNo2016
8/1/2019 11:51:58The Scientist MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots$1,500.00NoYesYes2016This job was one full page and two quarter size illustrations. Seems like the norm is for a publication to wait the full 30 day and then get you the payment right before the expiration.
8/1/2019 11:52:53Bloomberg businessweekEditorial- Print Spot$500.00YesYesYes2016
8/1/2019 11:55:18The New YorkerEditorial- Print Spot$300.00YesYesYes2016The New Yorker's work for hire contract is interesting (AKA SHITTY) because it allows them to reuse your illustration for online articles (which they did, not for this piece but another one. they also license the cover illustrations out to calendar companies, i wonder if the artists see any money from those as well?)
8/1/2019 11:56:04Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Half Page$1,250.00NoYesYes2016
8/1/2019 11:57:18GifyAnimated GIF$500.00NoYesYes2016for a time Gify was paying artists $500 for gifs, which was a way better rate than like The New Yorker's gif rate. I don't know if they are still doing this
8/1/2019 11:58:38Bloomberg BusinesweekEditorial- Print Quarter$750.00NoYesYes2016This assignment was interesting because it was only two colors, so the work to money ratio was GREAT.
8/1/2019 12:00:59MIT tech reviewEditorial Comic$400.00NoYesYes2016Man this sucks to look at in hindsight, this was an 8 page comic (SMALL, SIMPLE PAGES!!!) but still lol $400 for 8 pages hew god. Oh wait I'm doing a 14 page comic for $800 in the year of our lord 2019 so I guess not much has changed on that front.
8/2/2019 14:55:50Delve WeeklyPoster$91.00YesYesNo2016
8/2/2019 14:57:18Politico EuropeEditorial- Print Quarter$320.00NoYesNo2016
8/2/2019 14:58:19SPLCEditorial- Print Quarter$300.00NoYesYes2016
8/2/2019 14:59:44BuzzfeedEditorial - Web Header and spots$600.00NoYesYes2016This was for 3 illustrations of the same size.
8/2/2019 15:01:53Virginia Quarterly ReviewEditorial - Print half page and spots$630.00NoYesNo2016
8/2/2019 15:03:44John Hopkins MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots$1,750.00NoYesYes2016
8/2/2019 15:05:48Abby GuidoHoliday Card for a law firm$1,100.00NoYesNo2016Production of one holiday card illustration in Godfather style
8/2/2019 15:07:41Rude RecordsAlbum Art$593.00NoYesYes2016
8/2/2019 15:09:28Sport MagazineEditorial- Print Quarter$136.80NoYesNo2017
8/2/2019 15:10:31Exeter Bulletin MagazineEditorial- Print Spot$174.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:11:57TelegraphStock Illustration$137.00NoYesNo2017
8/2/2019 15:14:08Elmhurst NutmilkIllustrations for Advertising Pitch Deck$1,617.00NoYesNo2017They looked awful because I had to do like 9 in 2 days
8/2/2019 15:15:42Angels On Earth MagazineEditorial- Print Whole Page$697.00NoYesNo2017
8/2/2019 15:17:25Variety MagazineEditorial- Print Half Page$422.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:19:09Elmhurst NutmilkIllustrations for Advertising Pitch Deck$1,627.00NoYesNo2017Very tight turn around.
8/2/2019 15:20:41Arrow FilmsBox Art for film trilogy$1,022.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:23:01Netflix3 Motion Illustrations for TV$1,078.00NoYesYes2017FIRST (3) of 15-20 illustrations + partial animation with details for use re: an upcoming Netflix documentary series
8/2/2019 15:23:56The Development Set MagazineEditorial- Web header$410.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:25:03BuzzfeedEditorial- Web header$747.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:27:09BuzzfeedEditorial- Web header$335.33NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:28:36NetflixMotion Illustrations for TV Documentary$4,236.00YesYesYes2017FINAL (12) of 15 illustrations + partial animation with details for use re: an upcoming Netflix documentary series
8/2/2019 15:31:05Crown RoyalAdvertising - Web$2,275.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:32:46Inside Housing MagazineEditorial- Print Half Page$410.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:34:04MVD RecordsAlbum Art$908.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:35:26Spectrumnews MagazineEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,495.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:37:38Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine LOLEditorial - Stock$264.00NoYesYes2017Editorial, Up to 3/4 page size, up to 10,000 print run plus online. US.
8/2/2019 15:38:54AdobeIn House Production Art - Day Rate$1,460.00NoYesYes2017Three (3) days of drawing at AdobeLive Event
8/2/2019 15:40:09Fast Company MagazineEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,014.00NoYesNo2017
8/2/2019 15:41:15Earthsight (Non-profit)Editorial- Web header$274.00NoYesNo2017
8/2/2019 15:42:52Arrow FilmsBox Art for Film Trilogy box set$1,277.00NoYesYes2017
8/2/2019 15:44:13Netflix12 Motion Illustrations for Netflix Documentary$4,251.00NoYesYes2017Twelve additional drawings with details for use
re: an upcoming Netflix documentary series
8/3/2019 12:48:24Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Quarter$1,000NoYesNo2017Payment was 3 months late
8/3/2019 12:48:54MIT TechEditorial- Print Quarter$400YesYesYes2017
8/3/2019 12:49:53Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Quarter$500YesYesYes2017Killed assignment/kill fee rate
8/3/2019 12:50:16Neo LifeEditorial- Web spot$200NoYesNo2017
8/3/2019 12:51:26Milken ReviewEditorial- Print Whole Page$3,400NoYesYes2017For four illustrations of various sizes
8/3/2019 12:52:01The New York TimesEditorial - Print half page and spots$1,000YesYesYes2017
8/3/2019 12:52:46Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Quarter$750YesYesYes2017
8/3/2019 12:54:07Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial - Print full page and spots$1,750YesYesNo2018Another 3 month late payment
8/3/2019 12:55:02Penguin Random House CABook Cover$990 USD ($1200 CAD) YesYesYes2017
8/3/2019 12:55:36The New York TimesEditorial- Print Quarter$500YesYesYes2018
8/3/2019 12:56:01Bloomberg BusinessweekEditorial- Print Quarter$750YesYesYes2018
8/5/2019 11:46:47The Believer MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots$700.00NoYesYes2019I recognize this payment is on the low end for what the job is, however I always pick up work from this client because they always pays on time, they respond quickly to emails, and the art director is amazing and gives me a ton of artistic freedom.
8/5/2019 11:49:14LongreadsEditorial- Web header$450.00NoYesYes2019The editor was a pleasure to work with and she gave me most of the information before I took on the gig (including the budget/fee).
8/5/2019 11:51:01The NibEditorial Comic$700.00NoYesYes2018The editors at The Nib are wonderful. They quickly respond to emails, give great and prompt art direction/feedback, and pay on time.
8/5/2019 11:57:59Robert J Woods FoundationSeries of 10 narrative illustrations (not quite a comic) for their website and social media. $5,000A standard contract stating deliverables, payment, scope of project, etc. NoNo2019Their producer reached out to me to tell me I underbid myself and suggested I raise my quote to $5000, so I will forever be grateful to her for sticking out her neck for me. That being said, the timeline for this project was short and ultimately they prolonged the timeline because they needed more time to give feedback with their higher ups. The same producer told me to reach out to her if I haven't received a payment within 30 days while explaining sometimes they pay net 60. In my contract, it said payment was expected 60 days after my invoice was submitted. It's been well past 30 days and I have not been able to get in contact with the producer or their accounting department.
8/5/2019 12:05:47BuzzfeedEditorial- Web header$500.00NoYesNo2017I was not paid 30 after sending my invoice but when I contacted the art director, he immediately responded and the matter was resolved quickly. I was paid a few days after that. Overall a good experience working for them.
8/7/2019 16:59:29Simon & SchusterBook interior illustrations ( 7 pieces )$4,500YesYesProbably between 30-60 days.2018
8/12/2019 20:29:36SERIAL PODCASTEditorial- Web header$1,000.00YesYesYes2018
8/12/2019 20:30:15Texas MonthlyEditorial- Web spot$500.00YesYesYes2018
8/12/2019 20:31:06Education WeekEditorial- Print Quarter$600.00NoYesYes2018
8/12/2019 20:34:07SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINEEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,200.00YesYesYes2015
8/12/2019 20:35:00BUST MAGAZINEEditorial- Print Spot$50.00YesYesYes2015This was larger than a spot, and was not paid more.
8/12/2019 20:37:20Qingdao Kitchenature Housewares Co.Print designs for Kitchenware / Sketch Concepts$250.00NoNoNo2015This was a tricky one, concepts were killed but was never paid for the time to make concepts. Get a contract kids!
8/12/2019 20:38:39Alex Brook LynnMural$200.00NoYesYes2015Assistant day rate to help with mural.
8/12/2019 20:40:02Playboy MagazineEditorial- Print Half Page$500.00YesYesYes2015
8/12/2019 20:41:18BuzzfeedEditorial - Web Header and spots$400.00YesYesYes2015This amount of work should have had a higher budget. 1 full illustration and 3 spots is worth at least $600 even for online. But their budget has gotten better since then.
8/12/2019 20:43:02BuzzfeedEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,000.00YesYesYes2019Budget has greatly improved.
8/12/2019 20:44:28Random HouseBook Cover: Killed after sketch phase$1,000.00YesAwaiting payment.Coming up to the end of the 30 days. 2019Always follow up with book publishers.
8/19/2019 14:59:54NPREditorial- Web header$300.00NoYesYes2019
8/19/2019 15:00:40As It Is (band) / Hopeless RecordsAlbum Art$750.00YesYesYes2019
8/19/2019 15:01:47Mitski (band)Poster$150.00NoYesYes2016
8/19/2019 15:02:44Disney HyperionAdvance for Picture Book$25,000.00NoYesYes2018first book, with agent (fee 15%)
8/19/2019 15:03:33NPR MusicEditorial- Web header$400.00NoYesYes2019
8/19/2019 15:04:32Neck DeepPoster$300.00NoYesYes2018
9/18/2019 13:48:04NBCEditorial- Web header$750.00NoYesYes2019
9/18/2019 13:48:42Marshall ProjectEditorial- Web header$450.00NoYesYes2019
9/18/2019 13:58:16The New YorkerEditorial- Web header$500.00NoYesYes2018
9/18/2019 14:02:35Freelancer's UnionEditorial - Web Header and spots$50/hourYesYesYes2018
10/30/2019 15:47:49AppleAdvertising .GIF$5,000NoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 15:48:13FortuneEditorial- Print Quarter$600NoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 15:48:42New YorkerEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,250NoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 16:19:44De CorrespondentEditorial- Web header1000 euros for 5 headersNoNot yetOn the 30th day, they said they'll process the check.2019Red flags:
1. Ignored my reminders and paid after 30 days even though they said they "always strive to pay within two weeks after receiving the invoice". So they didn't agree to my 10% interest rate for every 30 days missed. Peer who got commissioned from them said they ignored their emails and didn't pay until after 3 months.
2. Wouldn't send or sign my contract. They see email as a "better and more efficient way" of agreement. Felt okay about it at the time until they didn't pay.
3. I told AD it'll take me a certain amount of days over the weekend to make revisions. AD said "sorry, it shouldn't take you that long". Didn't respond even after I responded in 15 minutes with the quickest revision I could make. Following Monday, told me they didn't want to work with me again (go figure)
4. All 5 articles were in Dutch, which I can't understand. They told me to just Google Translate, which took forever because the text was formatted in a way that doesn't copy/paste well. Took more than hour to do.
10/30/2019 16:20:35Procreate AppDemo Illustration and Livestream$1,500YesYesYes2019One of the best ADs I've had. Very kind, responsive, and understanding. Deadlines are also relatively flexible.
10/30/2019 16:21:17LyftIn House Production Art - Day Rate$1,200YesYes Negotiated from default 60 days to 30.2019Very very wholesome team. Contract took a while to get though.
10/30/2019 16:22:06Macmillan PublishersAdvance for Graphic Novel$75,000YesYescontract was delayed for a month or two due to holidays. Went through my agent and then to me.2019
10/30/2019 16:22:38Macmillan PublishersAdvance for Picture Book$30,000YesYescontract was delayed for a month or two due to holidays. Went through my agent and then to me.2019
10/30/2019 16:33:41Simon & SchusterGraphic Novel$11k USDYesYesYes2018
10/30/2019 16:44:26Intercom Editorial- Web header$500 USNoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 16:45:00AngelListAnimated GIF$550NoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 16:46:10Reader's Digest CanadaEditorial- Print Spot$350 CADNoYesYes2019
10/30/2019 16:50:44Globe and MailEditorial - Print full page and spots$500NoYesYes2018
10/30/2019 18:10:27GoogleGoogle Doodle$2,000NoYesYes2019They have a hard limit of 2 rounds of revisions, which i appreciate. also the client portal was pretty easy to use
10/30/2019 18:15:39ESPN MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots$3,500NoYesYes20141 full page for $2k, $500 for each of the 3 spots. I loved this job and they paid super fast
10/30/2019 18:20:03MediumEditorial- Web spot$1,400NoYesYes2014$700 per spot (2 total)
10/30/2019 18:23:34Electronic ArtsIn House Production Art - Day Rate$1,200YesYesNet 45, more like 60-90 in most cases2019
10/30/2019 20:46:23NetflixIn House Illustration for animated series$20,000YesYesPaid Weekly2018The duration of the job was 5 months, Paid $1K a week
10/30/2019 20:49:31Penguin Random HouseBook Cover3000NoYesYes2019Front and back cover
10/30/2019 20:50:59Picador / St Martin’s PressBook Cover1800NoYesYes2017Front cover only
10/30/2019 20:52:44GIPHY StudiosAnimated GIF$500YesYesYes2017Producer was great & work was consistent- Would get a few of these a month & had complete creative control, considering the low wage
10/30/2019 20:57:41Corporate client in Houston TXMural10000NoYes30-60 days2017
11/1/2019 15:17:11The Lily (Washington Post)Editorial Comic$200NoYesYes2018 and 2019
11/3/2019 22:44:04MonocleEditorial- Print SpotGBP 240NoYesYes2019The fee was for 4 small spot illustrations done over the weekend. It's not that high, but the project was smooth and approval was fast, does not require many revision rounds.
11/3/2019 22:45:45Atlanta MagazineEditorial- Print Whole PageUSD 1000NoYesYes2019The fee was a for a full spread illustration.
11/3/2019 22:47:21MacmillanBook CoverUSD 3000NoYesYes2019One of my favorite projects! Communication and workflow were smooth, payment was on time.
11/3/2019 22:49:16Scandinavian Traveler MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots€1,000NoYesYes2019The fee was for 1 full page illustration and 3 spot illustrations. Payment was on time, submitted through an automatic system.
11/12/2019 1:25:22Iron Circus Comicserotic comic$3,375 ($135/pg full color)NoYesFirst payment 315 days after work start, final payment 407 days after work start2015Hired colorist: paid them $45/pg from the $135/pg.
11/12/2019 1:29:47Iron Circus Comicserotic comic$1250. $105/pg black and white.NoYesFirst payment 105 days after work start; final payment 395 days after work start2011-2012Final payment predicated on all contributors signing bookplates (not paid until everyone finished). Paid half page rate to the writer.
11/12/2019 1:30:32OniPressEditorial Comic$200 (one page)NoYesYes2018negotiated a higher rate and recieved it
11/12/2019 1:34:22Beyond PressComic$900 - $56.50 per pageNoYesPaid 447 days after work start2014paid half rate to collaborator
11/12/2019 1:37:11Filthy FigmentsEditorial Comic$650 - $55 per pageNoYesYes2015
11/12/2019 1:38:59Purity AnthologyEditorial- Print Black and white$58 (one page)NoYesYes2015
11/12/2019 1:40:13Growing Up Queer AnthologyEditorial Comic$450 - $150 a pageNoYesPaid 109 days after work start2015
11/13/2019 18:23:43IntercomEditorial- Web header600NoYesYes2019
11/13/2019 18:25:38Augenblick studios for NetflixIn House Production Art - Day Rate325/dayNoYesYes2018
11/13/2019 18:26:26Adult SwimIn House Production Art - Day Rate325/dayNoYesYes2017-2018Several month long contract
11/13/2019 22:14:22Blue Angel PublishingOracle Cards$4840AUDYesYesYes2018-2019I retain copyright of the images to use for anything except other oracle or tarot cards and can sell the original paintings. Nice to work with. Limited communication. Not much if any art direction. Based in Australia.
11/15/2019 23:12:41IntercomEditorial- Web header$400NoYesYes2017
11/15/2019 23:13:24The Village VoiceEditorial- Web header$600NoYesYes2017
11/15/2019 23:14:03The BafflerEditorial - Print full page and spots$700YesYes2018
11/15/2019 23:14:55The New York TimesEditorial- Web header$500NoYesYes2018
11/15/2019 23:15:29MediumEditorial- Web header$850NoYesYes2018
11/15/2019 23:17:07Conde NastEditorial - Web Header and spots$1,000NoYesYes2019
11/15/2019 23:18:28The GuardianEditorial- Web header$1,000NoYesYes2019Being a UK company, their process for submitting bank details for payment is a bit awkward
11/26/2019 14:48:58ClarionAdvance for Picture Book$16,000NoYesYes2016Illustration-only picture book job.
11/26/2019 14:50:17Penguin Random HouseAdvance for Picture Book$22,000NoYesYes2016Advance for both writing and illustrating a picture book.
11/26/2019 15:01:58V2 StudiosLicense for image on exhibit sign$500NoYesYes2019It was a non-exclusive 2 yr license, used for a non-profit fundraiser for a park, so fee was a little lower than it might have been otherwise.
11/26/2019 15:03:15Jeanmarie CreationsGift bag license $500 advance against 3% royaltiesNoYesYes20192 yr license
1/7/2020 2:55:27Rooster TeethPoster$200YesYesNo2017This was to buy the rights of a piece, rather than a commissioned piece.
1/7/2020 2:56:14Rooster TeethPoster$350 between two peopleYesYesNo2018
1/9/2020 12:29:34The NibEditorial Comic$800.00NoYesYes2019
1/17/2020 19:52:46Yukon North of OrdinaryEditorial- Print Whole Page200NoYesno, but they have a good reputation (my other friend for the same issue got paid on time), it was a system error and when i told them, they fixed it right away.2019A nice local magazine, super sweet art director!
3/1/2020 22:07:08Uber SingaporeAnimated GIF$708.71YesYesYes2017
3/1/2020 22:07:57OldNavyPoster$3,000YesYesYes2016$1500 upon hiring + $1500 after completion
3/1/2020 22:08:51 FinTech StartupBrand Illustration$1200 per monthNoYesYes2016They hired me for 2 months
4/2/2020 10:36:26Strategic InsightEditorial- Web spot700 USDNoYesYes2020Client was great to work with, responded quickly and offered good feedback.His
4/2/2020 10:38:01Washington PostEditorial- Print Quarter700 USDNoYesYes2020Client was pleasant to work with, responded to emails quickly but did ask for a lot of revisions.His
4/2/2020 10:40:10The New York TimesEditorial- Print Spot400 USDNoYesYes2019Good art directors but the deadline was short, many revisions were requested and editors overrode the art directors at times.His
4/2/2020 10:41:44Condovoice MagazineEditorial- Print Spot350 CADNoYesYes2019Client was very easy to work with and it was overall an enjoyable and productive experience woking with them.His
4/2/2020 10:43:28The WalrusEditorial- Print Quarter500 CADNoYesYes2019Really great art directors and overall the experience was very smooth. His
4/2/2020 10:45:28Seattle MetEditorial- Print Spot250 USDNoYesYes2019A quick turnaround and the art director was pleasant to work. No revisions were requested.His
4/2/2020 10:47:25The StrangerEditorial- Print Half Page150 USDNoYesYes2019I really love working with The Stranger and the type of work they produce. I have a great relationship with the art director so I continue to work with them despite the fact their budget usually isn't very good.His
4/2/2020 10:49:32Cincinnati MagazineEditorial- Print Quarter350 USDNoYesNo2019Art director was pleasant to work with and the project went along very smoothly. They had some trouble with their payment system but it worked itself out in the end.His
4/2/2020 12:18:48The Washington Post Editorial - Web Header and spots$750NoYesYes2020Wonderful and supportive art directorHis
5/14/2020 21:28:23JacobinEditorial - Print half page and spots750YesYesYes2020His
5/14/2020 21:30:12The WalrusEditorial- Print Whole Page640.55YesYesYes2019His
5/14/2020 21:36:03Hardie Grant/QuadrilleSpot illustrations in food book1099.84YesYesNo2019His
5/15/2020 17:50:01Character MediaEditorial- Print Spot350NoYesYes2020We agreed upon $50 per spot illustration, and I ended up drawing 7 illustrations (so I was paid $350). Initially, I was told that the illustrations would be small (2-3 inches) so I should be paid less than I intially put forward. But in the end, I sent larger files, and some of the illustrations were printed almost half page.Prefer not to say
5/27/2020 17:59:32Houghton Mifflin HarcourtAdvance for Picture Book25000NoYesJust about-- contract negotiating and commission to my agent made it take a bit longer2018HMH overall is lovely to work with and responsive.Her
5/27/2020 18:04:58Illustoria Magazine Editorial - Print full page and spots100NoYesYes2020
I still feel that this budget was way too low for the time it took to illustrate. They work with some heavy hitters so I was esp. disappointed upon learning their rate for the job.
5/27/2020 18:05:51Scientific AmericanEditorial- Print Half Page600NoYesYes2017Super smooth job, got paid on time, but the article ultimately got scrapped and I wasn't told about it-- just left to deduce on my own because it never turned up in the magazine.Her
5/28/2020 0:15:06Orbit (Hachette Book Group)Map illustration (book interior)1000NoYesYes2019AD is a dream to work with, sends very organized briefs and timely feedback.Her
5/28/2020 0:15:42Mekong ReviewEditorial- Print Spot150NoYesYes2019Editor and AD great to work with.Her
5/28/2020 0:17:01Innovation for Change - East AsiaVisual documentation/ process historian (on-site)800NoYesYes2019Entails following a team around for ~3 days as they conduct training for activists, making sketches as a documentation of the process, and compiling everything into a short report. Travel and accommodation taken care of. For the region we work in (SEA), this is a good rate.Her
5/28/2020 10:57:56Edible Communities magazine network- local edition Editorial- Print Whole Page200NoYesNo2019The company also used part of the image I created as a spot on another page, which was not in our contract. I don't think this was done maliciously, but rather out of ignorance of copyright laws.Her
6/8/2020 20:37:39BoomReported Comic810YesYesYes2017I got radio silence afterwards. They contacted me bc I made a bunch of regular show fanart. Once they hired me, they never contacted me for anything else.Her135
6/9/2020 10:11:31HarperCollinsBook Cover with Interiors4500NoYesYes20193000 for a full color book jacket for middle grade and 1500 for detailed b/w chapter illustrationsHer
6/9/2020 10:12:34HarperCollinsAdvance for Picture Book25000NoYesYes2019First picture book offer after having worked on a middle grader cover previously.Her
6/9/2020 10:21:27New YorkerEditorial Comic400NoYesNo2019Took six months of continuously following up every month and e-mailing to finally get paid. Was continually told that I would be updated but was never updated until I followed up. Took five months for them to find out there was an issue when they entered my address and another month to finally get paid. Her
6/9/2020 10:22:05Amnesty InternationalInstagram Image400NoYesYes2020Prefer not to say
6/9/2020 11:03:44Scholastic/GraphixAdvance for Graphic Novel42500YesYesYes2015This was an advance for one book negotiated by an agent as part of a multi-book deal.Their
6/9/2020 11:04:36Scholastic/GraphixAdvance for Graphic Novel47500YesYesYes2017This was the advance for one book negotiated by an agent as part of a multi-book deal.Their
6/9/2020 11:08:18Dark HorseBook Cover with Interiors2100YesYesYes2018This was for a coloring book. B&W interiors were $200/page; the B&W cover lineart was $300.Their200
6/10/2020 20:27:43ESPN GrantlandAnimated GIF1200NoYesYes2015The AD was amazing- Shame they're no longer aroundHis
6/10/2020 21:45:02Viking Books for Young ReadersAdvance for Graphic Novel15500NoYesPayment came in chunks: one at the start, one after finishing pencils, one after final art. Payments were usually within 30 days, or close to it.2015For art only - I didn't write the book. This was the advance for illustrating one book negotiated by an agent as part of a multi-book deal.His
6/10/2020 21:48:25Viking Books for Young ReadersAdvance for Graphic Novel15500NoYesPayment came in chunks: one at the start, one after finishing pencils, one after final art. Payments usually came within 30 days, or close to that.2017For art only - I didn't write the book. This was the advance for illustrating one book negotiated by an agent as part of a multi-book deal.His
6/10/2020 21:55:52Kids Can PressAdvance for Picture Book4913NoYesYes2015For illustrations only, I didn't write the book. The advance was $6500 CAD converted to USD.His
6/10/2020 22:13:20The NibEditorial Comic400NoYesYes20188 tiny satire strips that collectively filled a full magazine page.His
6/22/2020 19:42:40Slanted StudiosStoryboardDay rateYesYesYes2015His$125 per day
6/22/2020 19:44:02Popular ScienceEditorial - Print full page and spots$2,000.00NoYesYes2015HisN/A
6/22/2020 19:47:23Field & StreamEditorial- Print Half Page$1,350.00NoYesYes2015AD very Considerate & HelpfulHisN/A
6/22/2020 19:48:57Riverfront TimesEditorial- Print Magazine Cover$350.00NoYesYes2015HisN/A
6/22/2020 19:51:33Riverfront TimesEditorial- Print Magazine Cover$475.00NoYesYes2015Rate was $350, $125 added for additional changesHisN/A
6/24/2020 17:28:14Wired UKEditorial- Print Half Page$355NoYesYes2015His
6/24/2020 17:30:04The New RepublicEditorial - Print half page and spots$400NoYesYes2016His
6/24/2020 17:34:46Field & StreamEditorial- Print Quarter$800NoYesYes2016AD very considerate and helpful, rate for this job dropped to $700 in 2018His
6/24/2020 17:38:52The AtlanticEditorial- Web header$300Contract gave client unlimited usage in perpetuityYesYes2016Contract gave client unlimited usage in perpetuityHis
6/28/2020 21:10:11InterParfum Inc Perfume Packaging 5,000NoYesYes2019Designs for 2 Gift Sets in 3 colorways each. His
6/28/2020 21:11:03Interparfum Inc. Illustrated Assets for In Store-Display 1500NoYesNo2019His
6/28/2020 21:13:04New York Times Editorial- Print Black and white900NoYesYes2019Half Page and Spots for special editorial section.
6/28/2020 21:15:29Magazin VerlagsgesellschaftEditorial - Print full page and spots550NoYesYes2019Full page and one tiny spot. His
6/28/2020 21:16:40Away Editorial- Print Spot$800NoYesYes2020Away also gave me a full suite of luggage of my choice worth $1,200 as part of payment. His
6/28/2020 21:19:57Yoplait Packaging Test $3,000YesNoYes2019Packaging test for yogurt container. Several rounds of revisions.
6/28/2020 21:45:49Notre Dame Magazine Editorial- Print Magazine Cover$3,000NoYesYes2017Front and back cover. Amazing art director, one of my favorites to work with.
6/29/2020 18:45:45Dark Horse ComicsAdvance for Graphic Novel20,000NoYesYes2019His
6/29/2020 18:56:50Black Mask Studios200 plus Comic PagesNoYesSometimes yes/ Sometimes no2017His$140 per pagefor pencils/inks/colors
6/29/2020 19:05:03AhoyComic book interior pages$30,000.00I have a percentage of rights to the bookYesYes2019One of the best companies I've worked for.Her$300 per page
6/29/2020 19:07:10Analog Sci-Fi MagazineBook Cover$800.00YesNot yetNot yet2019- currentEasy company to work for but pay is subpar. Good for pocket change, love the brand. Her$800.00
6/29/2020 19:07:57Analog Sci-Fi MagazineEditorial- Print Black and white$125.00YesYesYes2019Her$125.00
6/29/2020 19:09:15ValiantComic book interior pages$4,500.00YesYesYes2020Pay is OK compared to other companies. Her$225.00
6/29/2020 19:35:00Time Inc.Editorial- Web header$500.00Contract gave client unlimited usage in perpetuityYesYes2016Contract gave client unlimited usage in perpetuityHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:40:35Sony Home EntertainmentBlu-Ray Steelbook Cover$2,560.00YesYesMaybe2016Smooth process, lots of freedomHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:43:24North Virginia MagazineEditorial - Print cover, interiors and spots$1,000.00NoYesYes2016Nice ADHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:46:13Field & StreamEditorial- Print Spot$400.00NoYesNot Usually2016-2018Very good schedule, excellent creative freedom, payment took a while to process but not too badHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:48:15Field & StreamEditorial - Print full page and spots$2,300.00NoYesYes2017AD very considerate and helpfulHis
6/29/2020 19:50:37Men's HealthEditorial- Print Spot$200.00NoYesNo2017Payment wasn't too lateHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:53:29Men's HealthEditorial- Print Half Page$800.00Contract gave client to reuse illustration elsewhereYesSometimes2017-2018Contract gave client to reuse illustration elsewhere, sometimes laggy payment, but overall smooth process with nice peopleHisN/A
6/29/2020 19:57:09BackpackerEditorial- Web header$350.00NoYesYes2017HisN/A
6/29/2020 19:59:44The Atlantic2 Web Headers$550.00Not SureYesYes2017Great ADHisN/A
6/29/2020 20:01:35Kaleidescope VRStoryboardDailyYesYesYes2018His$350 per day
6/29/2020 20:03:29Cycle MediaInstagram Image$700.00YesYes2018Very smooth easy processHis
6/29/2020 20:06:10WUSTL Alumni MagazineEditorial Comic$1,250NoYesYes2019Fun to work withHisN/A
6/29/2020 20:08:07BackpackerEditorial- Print Half Page$500.00NoYesYes2019HisN/A
6/29/2020 20:09:34Hollywood ReporterEditorial - Print half page and spots$950.00NoYesYes2019Smooth process, and great ADHisN/A
6/29/2020 20:11:59Atlas ObscuraEditorial - Web Header and spots$900.0020202 Headers & spots. Contract gave client unlimited usage in perpetuityHisN/A
7/1/2020 12:26:34LEAP MagazineEditorial - Print half page and spots640NoYesNo2019Payment was about a month late.Her
7/1/2020 12:28:03Readers Digest CanadaEditorial- Print Whole Page525NoYesYes2019Very nice AD to work with.Her
7/1/2020 12:30:39Smithsonian MagazineEditorial- Print Quarter700NoYesNo2019Love working with them, pays well and nice ADs. Payment for this job was about 3 months late, but I believe previous jobs I did with them were payed on time.Her
7/1/2020 12:31:56Corporate KnightsEditorial- Print Whole Page525NoYesNo2019Her
7/1/2020 12:33:32GuidepostsEditorial- Print Spot600No but all rights contractYesYes2019Pays well, nice AD, but inflexible on contract termsHer
7/1/2020 12:34:25New York Times Book ReviewEditorial- Print Spot400NoYesYes2020Her
7/1/2020 12:41:20Honolulu MagazineEditorial - Print cover, interiors and spots850Originally yes, but negotiated to change contractYesNot sure2018Nightmare client! Terrible pay for a ton of work (multiple complex illustrations) and contract was originally work for hire and had to be negotiated. They asked for an unbelievable number of revisions at both the sketch and final stages. Had no idea what they wanted or how to communicate. Art direction style: "let's try another version like this!" over and over. Her
7/4/2020 11:03:25Corporate KnightsEditorial- Print Spot$700NoYesYes2019Rate was for 5 spotsPrefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:04:30The New York TimesEditorial- Web header$400NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:05:22MediumEditorial- Web header300NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:07:30EnRoute MagazineEditorial- Print Spot450NoYesYes2019Rate was for 3 spotsPrefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:08:26The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$750NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:09:25MediumEditorial- Web header$600NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:10:58L'ObsEditorial- Print Half Page$500NoYesNo2019Super long to payPrefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:11:56The AtlanticEditorial- Web header$300NoYesYes2019Wonderful ADPrefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:13:55Strategic InsightEditorial- Print Whole Page$920NoYesYes2019Illustration was for print and web. Amazing AD, super clear, efficient, best experience ever.Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:14:35MediumEditorial- Web header$350NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:16:25MediumEditorial- Web spot$1,700NoYesYes2019Rate was for 5 spotsPrefer not to say
7/4/2020 11:17:12Strategic InsightEditorial- Print Half Page$700NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:18:50MaisonneuvePrint cover with spot$500NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:25:48The New York TimesEditorial- Web header$400NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:28:02NBCEditorial- Web header$750NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:29:05Strategic InsightAnimated GIF$800NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:29:41The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter$750NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:31:36Imagination PublishingEditorial - Print full page and spots$1,100NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:32:53John Hopkins MagazineEditorial- Print Quarter$600NoYesYes2019
7/4/2020 11:36:14Adjacent PossibilitiesEditorial- Print Spot$250/spotNoYesYes2019Was paid $3000 total for 12 spots. Got to negotiate a lot but amazing team to work with. Really engaging.
7/4/2020 19:27:08MacmillanAdvance for Graphic Novel20,000NoYesNo2018I did unpaid labor for several months while my agent's attempts to contact them went unanswered. After finally getting in touch with an editor, I was paid 7 months after initial contract negotiationHer
7/4/2020 19:27:51HarperCollinsAdvance for Graphic Novel38,000NoYesYes38,000Contract negotiation itself took several months, but afterward was paid promptlyHer
7/4/2020 19:29:38The Lily (Washington Post)Editorial Comic200~250 per comic (6-10 panels)NoYesYes2018-2019At one point I noticed that one or two past invoices hadn't been paid; after I asked them about it they added the money to my next paymentHer
7/4/2020 19:30:06The BelieverEditorial Comic400NoYesYes2018Her100/page
7/14/2020 22:54:43PlanadviserAnimated GIF800NoYesYes2020Her
7/14/2020 22:55:44New York TimesAnimated GIF1000NoYesYes2019Was a series of small gifsHer
7/15/2020 16:48:01Quartz.comEditorial- Web header400NoYesYes2020
7/15/2020 16:49:24The New York Times Book ReviewEditorial- Print Quarter$400NoYesYes2020print and web. Great AD
7/15/2020 16:50:03The Guardian USEditorial- Web header$350NoYesYes2020
7/15/2020 16:51:15The Financial Times WeekendEditorial - Print half page and spots$563.00NoYesYes2020
7/15/2020 16:59:28Habitus LivingEditorial- Print Half Page700NoYesYes2020rate was $1400 for two half page print illustrations
7/15/2020 17:00:55Les Echos Week-EndEditorial- Print Half Page$333NoYesNo2020rate was $1000 for three half pages
7/15/2020 17:01:32The New YorkerEditorial- Web header$500NoYesYes2020
7/15/2020 17:02:16The New YorkerEditorial- Print Quarter750YesYesYes2020Her
7/15/2020 17:02:40The New YorkerEditorial- Print Half Page1250YesYesYes2020Her
7/15/2020 17:03:01Today's ParentEditorial - Print full page and spots$750NoYesYes2020
7/15/2020 17:03:10The New YorkerEditorial- Print Whole Page1250YesYes2019Her
7/15/2020 17:05:14The AtlanticEditorial- Print Half Page750YesYesYes2018Her
7/15/2020 17:05:56The New YorkerEditorial- Web header500YesYesYes2018Her
7/15/2020 17:07:53The New York TimesEditorial- Print Quarter500Not SureYesYes2018Her
7/15/2020 17:10:19The New York TimesEditorial- Print Magazine Cover1000Not SureYesYes2018Her
7/15/2020 17:14:59BlacklistIn House Production Art - Day Rate300YesYesYes2014Her
7/15/2020 17:16:06Block & TackleIn House Production Art - Day RateYesYesYes2015Her$400/day
7/15/2020 17:17:17Not To ScaleIn House Production Art - Day RateYesYesYes2015Her$400/day
7/15/2020 17:18:04Studio 6In House Production Art - Day RateYesYesYes2015Her$400/day
7/16/2020 17:33:19SlackEditorial- Web spot$600NoYesYes2020
7/16/2020 17:35:23On Being PodcastWeb/Podcast art$500NoYesNo2020Not sure if they would pay on time, this job came through my agent who paid me much later
7/16/2020 17:40:44BAMHoliday Card cover$600NoYesDelayed payment because of paperwork, asked for BAM membership for late fee compensation which was agreed to2019
7/16/2020 17:42:08This American LifeEditorial- Web spot700YesYesYes2019Was sent a contract to sign for this job
7/16/2020 17:44:28AARP Newsletter thegirlfriend.comEditorial- Web spot$500NoYesYes2019
7/16/2020 17:46:12WeTransferEditorial - Web Header and spots$2,000NoYesNo2019
7/16/2020 17:48:29Author's GuildEditorial- Print Magazine Cover$1,500NoYesNo2019
7/17/2020 19:24:17Disney HyperionPoster$1,500YesYesYes2016A month turnaround since getting all of my reference information.Prefer not to say
7/17/2020 19:26:33Disney Hyperion30 book interior illustrations$13,000YesYesWas paid upon publication, though this was not specified initially.2016A month given for sketches and a month given for finals.Prefer not to say
7/17/2020 19:27:15Disney HyperionPoster$1,500YesYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/17/2020 19:29:09Disney Hyperion30 book interior illustrations$13,000YesYesI requested $6,500 up front and $6,500 upon completion.2019Some delays on their end getting me the text before I could start working. Ended up being about a month and a half of work.Prefer not to say
7/18/2020 18:11:17ViceEditorial- Web header200NoYesYes2015Her
7/19/2020 19:07:04 government sponsored arts organisation2513.6NoYesYes2020also paid me for travel and accomodation Their1,256.80 day rate
7/19/2020 19:52:42PurposeAnimated GIF500YesYesNo2014His
7/19/2020 20:52:20Oni PressAdvance for Graphic Novel$4,000NoYesYes2015This is for pencils/inks/colors off someone's script. Original contracted advance was $2k, but negotiated a few years later to the $4k.Their
7/19/2020 20:55:07Oni PressLicensed comic series$7,700Yes it's work for hire, but 1% royaltyYesYes2020The 1% royalty was negotiated by our editor without us asking- very cool! It is not at all typical to offer royalties on a licensed series.Their$175 per page
7/19/2020 20:57:02Oni PressBook Cover$300YesYesYes2020Cover illustration for licensed comic book seriesTheir
7/19/2020 23:30:08Washington PostEditorial- Print Magazine Cover800NoYesNo2020she/her and they/them
7/20/2020 0:12:35AM:magazineEditorial- Print Magazine Cover514NoYesYes2015Dutch trade magazinePrefer not to sayPer illustration
7/20/2020 0:15:05Algemeen DagbladEditorial- Print Quarter240NoYesYes2018Regional edition, not nationalPrefer not to sayPer illustration
7/20/2020 0:15:53UnileverLive drawing (4hr)457Not SureYesYes2018Prefer not to say
7/20/2020 0:17:00Funk-e AnimationsArtwork for animation171YesYesYes2015I was just starting out, please respect yourself more than I didPrefer not to say171 per day
7/20/2020 0:18:43Isobar agencyArtwork for animation799YesYesA month too late, despite my inquiries2017The work was fine and interesting. It was a rush job, so I had to deliver within one day. But they waited two months to pay me.Prefer not to say
7/20/2020 0:19:52Agency based in the NetherlandsArtwork for animations16001600YesYesYes2019Prefer not to say400 per day
7/20/2020 0:23:02Staff magazine for a big Dutch organisationEditorial spread743NoYesYes2020Her
7/20/2020 0:24:52Staff magazine for a big Dutch organisationEditorial- Print Half Page371NoYesYes2020This organisation is semi-government so they need a lot of paperwork for me to able to send the invoice. Editor approached me with a "rush job" but it turned out I got about two weeks from sketch to completion so I was able to plan it in between other jobs.Her
7/20/2020 0:26:06Real estate business in the NetherlandsLive drawing during event (6hr)628NoYesYes2020Very fun job and the company really appreciated my workPrefer not to say
7/20/2020 0:26:49Small regional Dutch magazineEditorial- Print Black and white171NoYesYes2017Colouring pageHer
7/20/2020 0:28:05Entertainment organisation in the NetherlandsLive painting (4hrs)400NoYesThe next day2019Her
7/20/2020 0:28:51International NGOAnimation Video3200NoYesYes2019ExplanimationsHer
7/20/2020 0:29:52Dutch museumLive drawing (6 hrs)629NoYesYes2019The 6 hours were split in two days, so three hours per day.Prefer not to say
7/20/2020 0:30:49Dutch NGOInfographic3200NoYesYes2018Big infographic, lots of illustrationsHer
7/20/2020 0:31:24Dutch libraryPoster629NoYesYes2019Prefer not to say
7/20/2020 12:57:21New Era Magazine4 Editorial Spot Illustrations1200NoYesYes2020Great AD to work with
7/20/2020 13:02:25The Globe and MailEditorial- Print Spot370NoYesYes2018
7/20/2020 13:07:48Women's Running MagazineEditorial- Print Half Page500NoYesYes2018Nice client to work with
7/20/2020 13:17:07The Boston GlobeEditorial- Print Spot300NoYesYes2018This was a 4x5" spot illo. The year before, the same client paid $350 for a spot of nearly the same size (5x5")
7/20/2020 13:33:04Cricket Magazine (Cricket Media)Editorial- Print 2x half page 1x spot500NoYesNo2017The project itself was fine but it was a struggle to get paid! The payment was originally due within 90 days of the invoice (we had a contract), then I was told it would be delayed by another 90 days. The reason given: the company had a low-revenue first quarter so payments were pushed back (!!!). Didn't receive it by then either, had to email them many many times (most of them they never replied to), eventually I was paid 10 months after finishing the job. Horrible experience!!
7/20/2020 14:16:36globe and mailEditorial- Print Quarter73.89NoYesYes2018-2020Her
7/20/2020 14:17:05the walrusEditorial- Print Quarter369.46NoYesYes2020Her
7/20/2020 14:17:49greystone kids booksAdvance for Picture Book4400NoYesYes2019Her
7/20/2020 14:18:33les editions marchand de feuillesAdvance for Picture Book1477NoYesYes2017Her
7/20/2020 14:19:29simply read booksAdvance for Picture Book4400NoYeswas only paid after constantly nagging for 6+ months2018Her
7/20/2020 15:34:21Random House GraphicAdvance for Graphic Novel5,000NoYesYes2019This was a collection of comics I had previously self-published. The low advance was because the work had been previously published, both by myself and by a micropress. The publisher paid the colorist. I did not have an agent.Her
7/20/2020 15:49:48Random House GraphicAdvance for Graphic Novel35,000NoProject is in progress, so far all my payments from this company have been punctual.Yes2020This is the third book in a series. I have to pay a colorist out of my advance if I choose to use one. My literary agent negotiated the contract and I pay them 15% of the advance as their fee. The book will be about 200 pages.Her
7/20/2020 15:59:24Holiday HouseAdvance for Picture Book10,000NoYesThe payments were punctual but dependent upon reaching milestones and my editor was unresponsive for long periods of time, so the milestones didn't happen as planned.2019For a 36-page comic for kids age 4-6. The editor ghosted me for months at a time, then would suddenly become responsive for a few days, then vanish again. The deadline for the book has been blown by months because she's so unresponsive. Would not recommend working with Holiday House. I did not have an agent when I signed this contract.Her
7/20/2020 16:39:37Retrofit/Big Planet ComicsAdvance for 44 page comic$500NoYesI was paid on completion of comic within 2 days of sending finals2017Contract also included 15% of net receipts after initial printing costs and advance is recouped, 50% of individual digital sales (Not including digital sales through a Retrofit Subscription, which go towards printing costs), and 150 copies of the book. (Have not seen any royalties)His
7/20/2020 20:18:23AppleEditorial- Web spot1000YesYesYes2020Complete professionals and offered to raise the pay to 1000usd instead of the 900usd I quoted.Her
7/21/2020 9:56:18The Globe and MailEditorial- Print Spot74NoYesYes2019-2020For the First Person series. Low pay but I received around 3-4 First Person assignments a month for over a year.Her
7/21/2020 16:44:18Cricket MediaEditorial- Print Whole Page500NoNot yet - payment is expected 8-12 months after pub date.No2019They were unwilling to negotiate on the fee for the project or any of the contract verbiage. Her
7/21/2020 16:55:18Penguin Random HouseAdvance for Picture Book$50,000.00NoYesYes2018This is for an Author/Illustrator picture book. Contract was negotiated by my agent. Work began on the book about a month before the contract was finalized. Amazing team to work with.Her
7/21/2020 17:05:56Kvell Collective LLCEditorial- Web spot$750.00NoYesYes2019The work was contracted through Kvell for Adobe. Easy to work with, was able to negotiate fee and some contract items, paid quickly.Her
7/21/2020 21:13:39L'école des LoisirsAdvance for Picture Book - Major Publisher1200NoYesYes2019About 27 drawings (black and white) for this book+cover54 usd per day
7/21/2020 21:18:06La PastèqueAdvance for Picture Book - Indie Publisher2600 USDNoYesYes2018Only drew art5-10 years
7/21/2020 21:20:08Les éditions de la BagnoleAdvance for Graphic Novel - Major Publisher1860 USDNoYesYes2019His48 usd per dayOnly drew art5-10 years
7/21/2020 21:21:20Fonfon EditionAdvance for Picture Book - Indie Publisher2600NoYesYes2019HisOnly drew art10-15 years
7/21/2020 21:22:27Milan editionsAdvance for Picture Book - Major Publisher1850 usdNoYesYes2018HisOnly drew art5-10 years
7/21/2020 21:24:20Delcourt editionsAdvance for Graphic Novel - Major Publisher17300 usdNoYesYes2017His95 usd per dayWrote as well5-10 years
7/24/2020 11:32:36Dial Books (PRH)Book Cover with Interiors$15,000NoYesYes2017My agents take 35% - my fee was $9750HerOnly drew art0-5 Years
7/24/2020 11:35:30Running PressBook Cover with Interiors$17,500NoYesYes2019My agents take 35% - my fee was $11375HerOnly drew art0-5 Years
7/24/2020 11:40:04BloomsburyBook Cover with Interiors$4,550NoYesYes2018My agents take 35% - my fee was $2957.50Her0-5 Years
7/24/2020 11:43:11BloomsburyBook Cover with Interiors$4,575NoYesNo2019My agent takes 35% - my fee was $2973.75HerOnly drew art0-5 Years
7/29/2020 22:03:12the Washington PostEditorial - Web Header and spots$500.00NoYesYes2016Great client- Was for the Visual Aid section & they let the artist take the lead.HisN/ANot ApplicableNot Applicable0-5 YearsUnited StatesHispanic, Latinx, White Passing
7/29/2020 22:12:55The Washington PostAnimated Video$1,200NoYesYes201625 seconds of animation- 1 week turnaround time. They commissioned 4 weeks/segments in total (each billed separately) bringing the full job to $4800HisN/AOnly drew artNot Applicable0-5 YearsUnited StatesHispanic, Latinx, White Passing
8/4/2020 18:19:09Willamette WeekRecurring newspaper comic$0Not SureNoNo2020 (though I turned the job down and didn't do it)I was contacted by the Senior Production Designer and offered a recurring space in their comics line up in exchange for "publicity" as compensation. Willamette Week is one of Portland Oregon's major newspapers.HerWrote as wellNot Applicable5-10 yearsUnited StatesPacific Islander, White, White Passing
8/4/2020 18:20:55AutostraddleEditorial Comic$200Not SureYesYes2019A great indie digital publication for queer women. 10/10 love working for them.HerWrote as wellWriter, Artist0-5 YearsUnited StatesPacific Islander, White, White Passing
8/5/2020 11:37:08Harper CollinsAdvance for Gift Item Book$55,000NoYesYes2019I have a literary agent, 140 pagesHerWrote as well5-10 yearsUnited StatesJewish, White
8/5/2020 11:40:42Meredith GroupEditorial- Web spot1000NoYesNoHerOnly drew art5-10 yearsUnited StatesJewish, White
8/5/2020 11:42:49Laundry ServiceStoryboard3000YesYesYes2020Her1000Only drew art5-10 yearsUnited StatesJewish, White
8/9/2020 14:51:40Boom! StudiosShort Comic$680YesYesYes2018Originally $135/page, negotiated slightly higher. Easy to work with, generous deadlines. Took full 30 days to pay. Her$170 per pageWrote as wellWriter, Artist0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 14:55:39IntercomEditorial- Web header$500NoYesYes2018Very chill art direction. Paid quickly. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 15:00:23PlansponsorEditorial- Print Whole Page$1,380NoYesYes2017Paid $1200 for first publishing rights, additional $180 for digital usage. Only job I've had that has ever paid additional fee for web rights. Her0-5 YearsUSA East Asian
8/9/2020 15:04:39Narvii, IncSticker Pack$1,200YesYesYes2019Chill art direction. 12 stickers for Amino, a social media application. Her0-5 YearsUSA East Asian
8/9/2020 15:07:00TofuguEditorial - Web Header and spots$500YesYes2019The mostly already knew what imagery they wanted, so it was fast and straightforward work. Friendly folks! 0-5 YearsUSA East Asian
8/9/2020 15:10:48King FeaturesComic Strip$300YesYesYes2019A single Popeye strip. Friendly, open art direction. Very easy deadline. HerWrote as wellWriter, Artist0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 15:35:10Increment MagazineEditorial - Print full page and spots$925NoYesYes2019Chill art direction, AD gives you lots of room to experiment. 1 full page and 1 very simple B&W spot, with web usage. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 15:40:10New York TimesEditorial- Print Spot$250NoYesYes2019B&W, Sketchbook section. Assigned at 4pm. Sketches due at 7pm, final due 10am the next day. Nice art director. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 15:47:01FiveThirtyEightEditorial- Web header$500NoYesSystem changes delayed payment. 2019Ended up being a pretty small and simple image. 538 is owned by Disney, and vendor system sign up was long. People I communicated directly with were really nice.
8/9/2020 15:53:21Los Angeles TimesAnimated GIF$400YesYesYes2019Food section. Art direction was a little disorganized at times, specs and requests changed a few times. Tried to negotiate for a high rate, was denied, so I told them the animation would have to be very simple. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 15:59:26IDEOPoster$5,600YesYesYes2019They accepted my day rate right away, which made me realize I should've asked for a higher rate! 6 full-color posters with some additional cut-out-activity sheets. A lot of work in a short amount of time, but really interesting project. People I communicated with were very helpful, nice. Paid very quickly. Her$800/day0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 16:02:41Los Angeles TimesEditorial- Print Spot$800YesYesYes2019Food section. No concept work involved, so was a very easy job. 20 tiny spots, more like icons. Originally offered $600, but negotiated to $800 because of the turnaround and number of spots. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 16:05:09Workman PublishingBook Cover$1,500NoYesYes2020Contract was originally work-for-hire, I negotiated to retain copyright. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 16:12:30Workman PublishingBook Cover with Interiors$11,500NoYesYes2020Contract was originally work-for-hire, I negotiated to retain copyright. Full color. I had to negotiate A LOT in early stages, because publisher kept trying to change/increase the amount of work, without changing the original offered rate. AD was really responsive, but it was a pain to have to push back so much. Otherwise a fun project with easy art direction. Lots of deadline delays on their end. Her0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/9/2020 16:13:56Increment MagazineEditorial- Print Whole Page$900NoYesYes2020Full spread. Really great art direction. Her0-5 YearsUSA East Asian
8/12/2020 13:30:30Los Angeles TimesEditorial- Print Whole Page600YesYesYes2020Cover illustration to the Food sectionHis10-15 yearsAmericaEast Asian, White
8/12/2020 13:32:02Canadian Centre for Policy AlternativesEditorial- Print Magazine Cover754.77YesYesYesFor their magazine "Monitor." Paid very promptly upon invoicing!His10-15 yearsCanadaEast Asian, White
8/12/2020 13:33:50Los Angeles TimesEditorial- Print Spot500YesYesYes20203x2 spot for print and webHis10-15 yearsAmericaEast Asian, White
8/13/2020 13:47:13Kids Can PressBook Cover with Interiors2650NoYesNo202060 black and white interiors, 1 full colour cover
3500 CAD advance with 2-3% royalties
HerOnly drew artNot Applicable0-5 YearsCanadaWhite
8/13/2020 13:49:21Tundra BooksBook Cover1513.6NoYesNo2020Full colour book jacket, 2000 CAD, middle grade chapter bookHerNot ApplicableNot Applicable0-5 YearsCanadaWhite
8/13/2020 17:34:28Self-published comic writer/editorComic Cover150NoYesYes2020Drew a variant cover for an issue of a self-published comic funded through Kickstarter. Like many other independent comic writers, client fronted the funds for the art/lettering, then used the Kickstarter earnings to pay themself back and earn a profit.TheirOnly drew artCover Artist0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian
8/13/2020 17:36:48Self-published comic writer/editorComic Cover200NoYesYes2020Approached by comic writer to draw a variant cover for an issue of a comic they are self-publishing through Kickstarter funding.TheirOnly drew artCover Artist0-5 YearsUSAEast Asian